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May 2017

Congressional Republicans battle over the shape of tax reform...

President Trump is encountering opposition to his ambitious tax reform plans, not only from Democrats but from within his own party.


Employers have much to gain in the Trump health care plan...

The American Health Care Act—soon to be widely known as Trump Care—would have a significant impact on the employee benefits programs provided by businesses of all sizes.  And, while the House bill is almost certain to be modified substantially in the Senate, the final product that emerges is likely to keep the core of those changes for employers.


Trump administration will give industry more say on the “science” behind regulations...

The Trump administration is moving aggressively to overhaul the advisory boards that provide the scientific basis for federal regulations and policies, in many cases planning to replace academic scientists with industry experts.


Congressional panel moves to repeal the conflict minerals reporting rule...

A House committee has taken the first step toward repealing the controversial conflict minerals reporting rule that has frustrated U.S. companies for the past several years.


Trump is expected to repeal the EEOC pay disclosure rule...

Business groups are looking to President Trump to repeal the sweeping pay disclosure rules issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) last year.


President Trump will reshape the federal judiciary for decades to come...

Faced with 120 vacancies on the federal bench, President Trump has an opportunity to move the judiciary to the right even if he were to serve only a single term.



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Gene Goldenberg

Gene Goldenberg has joined us in Washington, D.C., as a consultant on federal, legislative and public policy issues. Gene is an accomplished Washington professional with three decades of experience in business, government affairs, public relations and journalism.

Most recently, he has operated his own consulting business specializing in government affairs and business consulting for corporate and association clients. Prior to that, Gene served in senior management positions with Wolters Kluwer (CCH Tax and Accounting) and H&R Block, Inc. following an award-winning career as a Washington journalist with newspaper and magazine publishers.

In his corporate positions, Gene played a key role directing relations with numerous federal and state government agencies and twice has served as president of the leading association in the tax software and tax preparation industries. His many years managing business-to-business sales and marketing have given him a broad understanding of the problems and challenges facing small to medium sized companies.

His earlier journalism career included writing about Congress, the White House and numerous federal agencies for the Scripps-Howard Newspaper group as well as the Kiplinger Washington Letter and other business publications. Gene holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a master’s degree from Northwestern University.